The 2010 Workshop on the Solution of Partial Differential Equations on the Sphere








August 24-27, 2010


Alfred Wegener Institute

Telegrafenberg Haus H

14473 Potsdam, Germany














What's new:

1st circular, 1.12.2009:
The 2010 Workshop on the Solution of Partial Differential Equations on the Sphere will be held in August 24-27 2010 and hosted by the

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the Helmholtz Association, Germany.


2nd circular, 1.6.2010:
All proposed abstracts have been submitted.


3rd circular, 2.8.2010:
The workshop program including the schedule is now available online. The organizers look forward to the workshop start in three weeks.



Jörn Behrens (University Hamburg, KlimaCampus)

Sebastian Reich (University Potsdam)

Matthias Läuter (Alfred Wegener Institute, Zuse Institute Berlin)

Beth Wingate (Los Alamos National Lab)

David Williamson (National Center for Atmospheric Research)





A fundamental issue in climate and weather modeling is the dependence of errors in general circulation models on their basic dynamical cores and their subgrid scale parameterizations. To advance the state-of-the-art for numerical weather prediction and climate simulation, this organization encourages research on numerical algorithms and solution methods for partial differential equations (PDEs) posed in a spherical geometry. We also foster the development of tests and diagnostics for atmospheric and ocean model dynamical cores. The development of new methods in spherical geometry and how these eliminate shortcomings of current methods include applications to the shallow water equations and to complete hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic baroclinic models.


Topics of interests:


1.      Advection schemes: monotone advection schemes, TVD methods, flux correction methods, and Eulerian and semi-Lagrangian methods applied to three dimensional baroclinic equations, two dimensional shallow water equations, and pure transport in spherical geometry and/or plane geometry.

2.      Discretization methods and adaptive grids: spectral transform methods, gridpoint methods using polyhedral grid systems such as icosahedral and cubed-sphere systems as well as the latitude longitude grids, spectral element methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods, and alternative discretizations on regular and unstructured adaptive grids.

3.      Comparison study of methods: the presentation of results from current or new methods, and the comparison of these methods with standard schemes.

4.      Computational performance: the performance of current methods of choice and new methods on parallel computers, including limitations associated with algorithm and computer design are appreciated; implementation details for distributed and shared memory architectures as well as discussion of attendant difficulties are of interest; characteristics for parallel computers that may affect computational algorithms, in particular, future design aspects could be considered as they might affect algorithm implementation.

5.      Discussion and proposal of test cases: the development and evaluation of new test methods, in particular, the potential ability of test cases to evaluate dynamical cores of atmospheric and ocean general circulation models; summaries of experiences with existing test cases, including what has been learned and what can be learned from such tests, and the introduction of additional test cases and experiences with them.

6.      Global hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic models: the development of global models based on the hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic equations; now that recent computer facilities enable us to perform very high-resolution simulation over the globe, we are in a period of transition of the choice of the equations system.



Important Dates:


Submission of Abstracts :      June 1, 2010
Notification of acceptance :   July 1, 2010
Registration deadline :           July 16, 2010
Workshop :                             August 24-27, 2010




August 24, 2010 (Tuesday) registration, workshop, reception
August 25, 2010 (Wednesday) workshop, banquet
August 26, 2010 (Thursday) workshop
August 27, 2010 (Friday) workshop


Workshop Program:


Here, you can download the workshop program including the schedule as a pdf file.




Abstract Submission:


Please email your name, the name of your institution the title of your talk and text of your abstract in plain text or LaTex format to:

Small figures ( less than 1MB ) formatted by JPEG, EPS, and PDF can be acceptable. We will confirm receipt of the abstract within one month after receiving it. If you do not hear from us then please let us know right away.




Registration fee: 65 Euro


To register, please send an e-mail to until July 16 2010, including the completed information you find at the registration site.   

Registration includes attendance to all sessions, refreshments, and the dinner banquet. Additional banquet tickets can be purchased for 50Euro each for guests of conference attendees. The registration fees is to be payed at the registration desk upon your arrival. Payment is to be made by Cash only.





We have reserved a block of rooms at the Mercure Hotel Potsdam City under the conference name “PDEs 2010”. The conference rate is 70,-Euro (single room) and 85,-Euro (double room) per night including breakfast. To make a reservation use the reservation forms in German or English and choose one of the following 3 options. 1. Call the hotel at +49-331-272321, 2. send a fax to +49-331-293496 or 3. send an email to Please do not make the reservation online or with other phone numbers, if you want to receive the conference rates above. We recommend making your reservations as early as possible as this block of rooms can only be held until July 22nd, 2010. Note that the conference rates are available for the dates August 23-28, 2010. Other possible options for logding in Potsdam are listed below.


Kongresshotel Potsdam, Phone: +49-331-907-0


Pension Mark Brandenburg, Phone: +49-331-88823-0


Travel Information:


The workshop takes place at the building H of the Science Campus “Albert Einstein”. The building A43 of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) is very close to the building H. For a travel description to the workshop we refer to the AWI website.



Information of the previous workshops:


            Santa Fe, USA, April 2009


Monterey, USA, June 2006

Yokohama, Japan, July 2004.

Toronto, Canada, August 2002.




Here, you find the presentations held at the PDEs 2010 workshop in Potsdam.



This is a link to some nice pictures taken during the PDEs 2010 workshop in Potsdam.




Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

KlimaCampus at University Hamburg

University Potsdam

Zuse Institute Berlin



We look forward to seeing you in Potsdam in August 2010.

Best Regards,


Jörn Behrens

Sebastian Reich

Matthias Läuter

Beth Wingate

David Williamson





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