Current Weather at AWIPEV Arctic Research Base

Oct 27, 2015 10:50 UTC

cloud ceiling
453 m
air temperature (2m)
-11.1 °C
windchill temperature
-11.1 °C
air pressure (11m NN)
1008.2 hPa
rel. humidity (2m)
85 %
wind velocity (10m)
0.2 m/s (0.4 kn, 0 bft)
wind direction (10m)
global radiation
2 W/m2
reflex radiation
2 W/m2
diffuse radiation
2 W/m2
direct radiation
1 W/m2
UV radiation
0 W/m2
downward long wave radiation
210 W/m2
upward long wave radiation
235 W/m2

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